Worry Less Journey

Posted by Earlhow on December 31, 2018

Worry Less Journey

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Worry Less Journey. Faith has been an important part of my life but health issues come in second. I have had a lifetime dealing with situational anxiety and have been freed by discovering that this is not an uncommon problem. Worrylessjourney is about my struggles and my journey to tackle this affliction head on instead of letting it rule me.

Worry-less-journey. Tonight is a little bit hard to write. I am hoping that on Monday we will have countertops for the bathroom. They have failed to be here several times and it makes me doubt that they will be here on Monday. Life continues to throw sadness at me. A friend of my husband's has died. I…

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Worry Less Journey

Worry-less-journey. Often I think that perspective is everything. How we view things is our reality. This is hard to learn and to realize that the world functions that way. One of the most difficult things to do is to change someone's perspective. Our prejudices and our beliefs come from there. They are so ingrained that…

Worry-less-journey. Do you want to worry? I am sure if you try hard enough you can find something. I know that I can. I am having some medical issues that may be nothing or something. That is enough for me to stress about. Logic goes out the window. I will, however, step back and remember the…

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Worry-less-journey. It seems that sad things come in groups. As I said in my last post a young man has gone into Hospice leaving a wife and two children. Today we got the news that one of our friends has had a reurrence of a brain tumor that has remained small and idle. It is now…